Saturday, October 22, 2011


I presume you are reading this blog because you or someone you know is in bondage to overeating. Starting Monday, October 24th, I invite you to come along with me on a marvelous journey.

Setting Captives Free is a non-denominational ministry which teaches the biblical principles of freedom in Jesus Christ. The Founder and President, Mike Cleveland created this ministry out of his own struggle with sin and now lives in victory. This course will walk you through repentance, forgiveness, and the newness of life that comes only through the gospel.

There is so much biblical information to absorb that I will take you through one day a week for 60 weeks. I encourage you to sign up for the course. It's simple and easy.

This course does not have magical powers that will miraculously stop you from overeating. It will take heartfelt work from you and the power of the Holy Spirit as you prayerfully learn and apply God's Word to your life.

I started this course in 2008. The first question I had to answer was, "Why are you taking this course?" This is what I wrote:

"My current struggles are eating because I'm stressed, lonely, bored, overwhelmed, happy, out of habit. My focus has been on losing weight because I dislike myself this way. As a Christian I know my focus is wrong. My true problem is the sin of gluttony. I am taking this course because I have been praying for the Lord to convict me of the sin of gluttony because I had no conviction although I knew I was sinning in this way. I didn't care. God lead me to this course when I did a search on the word gluttony. I wanted to find something or someone who would be in my face about this sin. I came across the picture of the book and realized I had that on my bookshelf all along! My goals for the next 60 days is to get real with the Lord and develop a serious conviction over the sin of gluttony to the point where I am set free from this bondage."

In the beginning, I had doubts that I would ever stop running to food. It was impossible in my own strength. I needed God's power and grace to see what I was doing to myself and, more importantly, what I was doing to my relationship with God.

My sin was putting my life on the shelf. I couldn't move forward in life. I am happy to say that I am  no longer sitting on the shelf gathering dust in my life. Be encouraged! God did not create you to sit on the shelf. I thank God everyday for setting me free from gluttony!



  1. Lord may this be my testimony one day!!!!!!!!!!
    I am currently enrolled in this course and desperately
    need the Holy Spirit help!
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Never give up! God is the One who is faithful. Even in the midst of your sin, when the food is going down your throat...Run To Him!