Saturday, February 26, 2011


The Abstract

Gluttony is the biblical term for excessive overeating. It is a common practice among Christian counselees today. It is a sin against God. The glutton engages in excessive overeating. She eats more than her body requires for health. It has nothing to do with hunger. The glutton uses food to numb unwanted feelings or to escape from stress and the pressures of life. She habituates to a lifestyle that destroys life. She centers her life around the pleasures of food in the church, at home, at work, and at social settings. A person is considered a glutton when her lifestyle reflects a habitual pattern of overeating to the point that different aspects of her life are affected. The glutton's desire is to only please herself.

Historically, gluttony has been regarded as a sin from the earliest recording of the seven deadly sins. Over the centuries, the sin nature of gluttony changed. Gluttony became a sign of prosperity and a badge of pride. Throughout the years the negative health consequences due to overeating were observed. Modern experts stopped associating gluttonous behavior with sin. They now label excessive overeating as an illness or even a disease.

Gluttony is strictly forbidden in God's Word. It is often associated with drunkenness. It is also considered idolatry. The glutton substitutes worship of God with worship of food. She worships her stomach and appetites with indulging in foods. She looks to food to do for her what only God can do. The counselee must change her thinking from having an overeating problem to having a sin problem. Gluttony is a sin that dominates her life. The counselee is obsessed and controlled with thinking about what she will eat, how she will eat, when she will eat and how much she will eat. She is in bondage because her heart motive is not to please God but to bring pleasure to herself. She only sees gluttony as a health issue. Her focus is on finding the right diet plan and/or exercise program in order to eliminate the consequences of gluttony. She does not see the spiritual ramifications of this sin.

Practicing the sin of gluttony causes the counselee to live contrary to God's ways and character. The counselee who practices this sin is not living according to the knowledge of God. She must realize the world, her flesh and the devil are working feverishly against her. She needs to see how they contribute to her being a glutton. Her only solution to overcoming gluttony is through the work and power of Jesus Christ. She must use God’s remedies to fight against the world, the flesh and the devil in order to receive true freedom from habitual overeating.

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